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Payment for use

Buy credit to use our features

Discover a new way of taking advantage of our features by buying credits, allowing you to pay for use. Flexibility and control are at hand to optimize your images and photos according to your specific needs.

Price grid

Functionality Unit cost
Compression $0.0557 / picture
Enhancement $0.0557 / picture
AI Enhancement $0.1057 / picture
AI Image Generation $0.0686 / picture

By subscription

Buy a subscription to use our features

Unlock the full potential of our tools by opting for a subscription. Access exclusive features and optimize your images like never before. Take your creativity in hand today.



Indispensable for more regular image compressions and improvements.

$0.42 /month
  • 20 compressions or enhancements per day
  • Maximum image size: 12 MB
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Ideal for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and design more intensively.

$2 /month
  • 50 compressions or enhancements per day
  • Maximum image size: 24 MB
  • Customization of compression quality
  • Choice of improvement parameters
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The best user experience, with this plan, you will benefit from the ultimate features for compression and image enhancement.

$4.16 /month
  • Unlimited compressions or enhancements per day
  • Maximum image size: 50 MB
  • Customization of compression quality
  • Image resizing
  • Format change
  • Choice of improvement parameters
  • Enhancement or generation by AI available (800 per month)
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Perfect for those looking to try our service without financial commitment.

$0 /month
  • 5 compressions or enhancements per day
  • Maximum image size for compression: 6 Mb
  • Maximum image size for improvement: 1 Mb


Your subscription is billed once a year, on the same date you started. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you will continue to enjoy all the paid features until the next subscription year.

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